Share your best moments with short video clips



Social networks are constantly transforming, adjusting to our needs in unanticipated ways. And this is just the kind of thing MixChannel offers: a way of sharing short videos with audio on a wall, similar to the walls on Facebook and Twitter.

To start recording your own video, you first have to choose which camera will take the images, if you'll import them from your gallery, or if you'll use photographs to create a montage. No matter what you choose, you can add a different audio track later and complement it with your own voice or a song you have saved on your device.

When your clip is ready, just add a title and upload it to a specific channel so other users can find it when they're browsing. If you want, you can share the link on Facebook and Twitter so your friends can enjoy the video even if they don't have MixChannel.

You'll also have access to content from thousands of other users who have uploaded videos to their walls, filtering either by category or upload date. Commenting on any of them is as simple as pressing on the conversation balloon icon. You can also 'like' the video by tapping the small heart on the side.
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